Spring in Provence!

By March 31, 2011News

Fantastic Food in ProvenceGreetings and abundant thanks for the wonderful support and encouragement we’ve received for the launch of Anthony Bay is Europe – and particular thanks to all those of you who have already booked itineraries or are holding options.

To celebrate the arrival of Spring I’ve written for this Newsletter a few tales from Provence, which may amuse you and which you can access by visiting our website. There are stories of highwaymen and galley slaves, of mimosa bushes and a little known beach near Cannes.

We’re really excited with our plans for 2012, which I’ll be unveiling to you in a few weeks’ time, and for now I send you my very best wishes, and leave you with this month’s selection of highlights from our program:

  • All our itineraries can be tailor-made for private groups or families, on request
  • I am available for private guiding, according to availability
  • We guarantee departures, once 2 passengers have paid their deposit!

With very best wishes
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