Start the day with a visit to the colourful and atmospheric food market in the old town of Nice, where you sample different produces of the region – olives, cheeses, the ‘estoufado’ biscuit… Afterwards walk through the bustling lanes of the old town, where small food shops still thrive, seeing a ‘maison de pates’ where the family still make fresh pasta in the traditional way, and sampling a slice of ‘socca’, the town’s trademark pancake made from chick peas. You then sample different olive oils from Provence, discovering how they can vary in taste and texture, and enjoy a desert made entirely from olive oil! Driving into the beautiful countryside behind the coast, you have lunch in a ‘guingette’ restaurant favoured by locals which specialises in traditional cooking, and afterwards visit a small winery that makes wine to old traditions since Roman times. After visiting the vineyards you learn about their very particular way of making wine and enjoy a tasting .