The tour begins with a visit to the glass makers of Biot where local craftsmen blow their trademark “bubble” glass according to 18th cent traditions. The workshop also includes a collection of contemporary glass from around the world, showing how this medium can be turned to extraordinary advantages. Later continue to Grasse and visit a ‘parfumerie’  where you learn about the process of making perfume through distillation, extraction and absorption, how the 17th Corporation of Glovemakers and Perfumers changed the trade, and which flowers and ingredients go into creating a delicate smell. Time to browse and have lunch before driving though the glorious hinterland of the coast to visit a small factory that has been making products from local flowers and fruits since 1949. Sample crystallised and glazed fruit, marmalades and jams made from flower petals and citrus fruits, ‘iced’ flower petals, orange chocolate… The last stop is at a local olive oil mill that produces different grades of oil as well as all the by-products from the olive – soap, ‘tapenade’, olive wood utensils etc. You visit the mill and have time to shop before heading home.