Anthony Bay is Europe

Europe inspires, dazzles, charms…. and I’ve spent over 34 years researching it, travelling through it, and sharing my passion for it with all those who have journeyed with me.

Included here are a few itineraries that we’ve picked out so as to give some examples of the variety of experiences we can offer, and perhaps whet your appetite and inspire you to travel with Anthony Bay is Europe.

The selection shown is, of course, hopelessly incomplete, for the beauty of Europe is that it offers so much variety to the traveller and defies being reduced to a shortlist. Do you want to concentrate on a theme such as history, art or culture? Or perhaps take just one country – Italy, France, Croatia – and explore that in depth? Or maybe see multiple countries all in one trip – southern France, northern Italy and Croatia? Take food and wine – visiting open air markets in Provence and learning how to make pasta in a private castle in Italy; hear music in the auditorium in which Mozart played, swim in the clearest azure sea you will have ever seen…Whichever way you decide to build your own personal itinerary, let’s get together and see how we can help you to discover this always fascinating continent!

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