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Fantastic food can be found everywhere in ProvenceIt’s in full swing, and looking good! The 64th Cannes Film Festival was launched last week with Robert de Niro as President, and all the usual razzmatazz has accompanied the occasion. Rumours are rife that the city is crawling with plain clothed CIA agents, whilst white seemed to be this year’s preferred colour for the leading ladies on opening day (any connections with a recent wedding?).

For the locals in my village, it just means that going down to Cannes is pointless for ten days, and that it will be sure to rain – which it duly did on Saturday, heavily, to everyone’s contentment. Meanwhile a particularly grumpy group of locals have formed an action committee to try and get a ban on all the private jets flying over our heads, on the grounds that they constitute a public nuisance. Well, that’s one way of looking at celebrities, I suppose….

It’s interesting to remember that the Cannes Film Festival was first launched in 1939 as a political act to counter the restrictions on artistic freedom imposed by the fascist governments of Germany and Italy. The plan was to hold the festival in September, but Germany’s invasion of Poland that same month, and the consequent declaration of War, delayed opening until 1946.

Our Fall tours are all looking good and there’s still some space available on them. Here’s a choice of just three of the many highlights on each trip :

provenceLou Provenço – Provence and the Lubéron

Sept 02 – Sept 11

  • lunch with a Provencal farmer amongst his lavender fields
  • carouse with the jet set in St Tropez
  • visit the asylum to which Vincent van Gogh was admitted



Hidden Europe – A Journey through Transylvania and the Maramureş region

Sept 23 – Oct 02

  • enjoy a private village festival with the villagers and their children entertaining you
  • visit a Communist political prison and the birthplace of Elie Wiesel
  • dine at the home of a leading Hungarian businessman



ItalyThe Green and Gentle Heart of Italy – Through Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio

Oct 14 – Oct 23

  • Have lunch with a Princess in her medieval castle
  • Explore Orvieto’s 3,000 year old underground city
  • Visit of St Francis of Assisi’s chapel conducted by a monk



lives-of-paintersInsights into Inspiration – Experiencing the Lives of Painters

Oct 28 – Nov 06

  • Private viewing of racehorses training, Degas-style
  • Visit to Matisse’s home and to an astounding private collection of 20th century art
  • A walking tour of Montmartre, where the Impressionists lived
  • Just to remind you all our itineraries can be tailor made for one-off groups or families (or other itineraries also), and that I am available as a Tour Director in Europe and local guide in the Provence/Riviera region.

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