“Your tour of Italy should be worth a minimum of 3 credits towards a European History degree! You were, and indeed are, interesting, knowledgeable, highly amusing and above all professional.” —J. Hannum, PA

“You have enriched our lives by sharing with us your knowledge of France and history of Europe. Everyday was a special gift you gave us. Thank you for sharing some of yourself with us.” —S. Spett, TX

“Aside from being interesting and a wealth of information on countless subjects – you, sir, are very good fun. We also compliment you on how kindly and caring you are to individuals who may have special needs.” —C. Harrison, MA

“Wow, what can I say? You’re simply fabulous and outstanding in every way. If you decide on a career change, I suggest stand up comic!” —J. Greene, PA

“One might think that a man of Anthony’s erudition would tend to rest on his laurels, assume that insightful, intelligent, brilliant commentary during the day is enough to earn him passage into an evening of relaxation and camaraderie. Nothing like it with Anthony. He remained a diligent host, never sitting down to eat until he was sure all members of the group were being served properly. And circulating amongst the guests to make sure everyone had everything they needed. The next day he would again transform himself into historian, art and literature expert and lover of France.” —G. Zaretsky, TX

 “We haven’t the words to express our gratitude for such a good job so well done! This truly has been a trip of a lifetime for us. Thank you.” —J. Rust, Il

“Your knowledge, intelligence, patience, organisation and wonderful  sense of humor and warmth are what made this trip to Hungary for us”. —M. Berg, FL

“Anthony enhanced our trip to France enormously, with much charm, knowledge and wit.” —D. Kelly, IL

“I guess Anthony could be called a National Treasure. He was the PERFECT guide. If he sensed a lemon, he made lemonade.” —C. Steinberg, IL

“Anthony Bay’s knowledge and expertise are unequalled in the travel industry. His name on a tour assures excellence.’ —J. Bliss, RI

“You’ve asked me to rate Anthony Bay, our guide in Romania and Bulgaria, out of 5. I’ve given him 10 on every count.” —J. Brennan, WI

“Thank you for an extraordinary trip conducted by an extraordinary guide. It was not only great fun but also a rich lesson in history delivered with wit, whimsy and titillating anecdotes.  You truly are one of the most memorable characters we’ve ever met, and you turned out to be the greatest treasure we discovered on our Adriatic trip”. —A. Albrecht, MO

“Anthony Bay really made our cruise down the coast of Italy. A gentleman, an intellectual, fun and a wonderful lecturer, who even made a discussion on church architecture interesting. Anthony has an ‘edge’ which our group loved. As we Americans like to say “he was off the charts”. —J. Hannum, PA

“Our recent trip to Switzerland and France was ‘top notch’ and was only surpassed by the expertise, knowledge and charming personality of the Tour Guide, Anthony Bay. Anthony is truly ‘worth his weight in gold’. Even after being in the travel business for almost 20 years I have never encountered a more dedicated, knowledgeable and personable guide than Anthony.” —R. Kozak, IL

 “In my opinion Anthony brought together a perfect combination of leadership, knowledge, guidance, humor, charm, organization, control, flexibility and openness. I would never hesitate to travel with him again. His vast knowledge of history and the arts, his ability to communicate what he knows , his obvious knowledge of the ins and outs of the travel business plus his ability to read and accommodate the wants  and needs of his customers was most appreciated.” —C. Commander,CA

“We all want to express our most profound appreciation for all your efforts on this trip through Holland and Northern France. Your thoughtfulness, sensitivity and caring have gone above and beyond not only the call of duty but also the wildest levels of the imagination! When the final chapters are written on “Great Guides of the World”, your name will appear with the description “He was the Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Monet of European guides”. —N. Karno,CA

“I was first introduced to Anthony Bay on an exclusive private trip to France, it truly was one of the most memorable trips of my life. Anthony knows France like the back of his hand and most of France knows Anthony Bay. He took us to the most charming villages, cities, museums and archaeological sites and knew amazing information about every place we visited. His knowledge and his charm and humor made for 10 days that I’ll never forget.” —K. Shea, Kelly Shea Travel, IN 

“Anthony has a wonderful sense of humour and is truly funny. He knows just about everything and has an excellent delivery that made our journey through the Balkans with him fascinating.” —S. Lidlake, TX

“Thank you for directing my trip of a lifetime in Croatia! Your attention to detail and excellent behind the scenes planning made for a dream-come-true vacation.” —C. Schwartz, NYC

 “Before taking my trip to Russia I had heard from previous travelers how superb Anthony was – they were so correct!” —B. Fleming, TX

“I have had the privilege of having Anthony Bay as my guide in both Italy and Poland…two very diverse areas of Europe.  Anthony makes every sightseeing trip exciting because of his knowledge of the area he is showing his clients and his love of history and everything historical.  And besides that, he is witty and entertaining.  These are all of the assets needed with an excellent tour guide.”  – A. Forst, Protravel Inc, CA

“Anthony Bay is the epitome of excellence in a tour escort – knowledgeable of history, art, politics off the scale. His style, experience and scholarship are rare indeed (this coming from 2 intrepid travellers ourselves) and enormously contributed to the success of our trip to Russia.” —C. Steinhoff, WA

“I’ve done 20 or more tours with every kind of operator and Anthony Bay rates at the very top!” —J. Chiles, TN

We had Anthony Bay as our escort to Italy. He is quite simply the best escort I have ever travelled with”. —E. Clark, BC

“Anthony made an excellent and interesting tour escort to Corsica. Very knowledgeable, charming, superlative – and unexpected.” —M. Douglas, CA

“My introduction to group travel and Anthony Bay was in April 1995.  I was on an around the world private jet tour.  Sixty-five of us were divided into three groups and fortunately for me, my tour guide was Anthony Bay.  He was so knowledgeable about the countries we were visiting and updated us on the latest political and economic factions – around the world.  What an incredible learning experience!  Anthony was the only one of the guides who shared this information with us.  He truly stood out as exceptional.

I booked other tours with other guides but always felt something was missing.  I finally realized the criteria for travel had not as much to do with the country, but rather with the guide.  And so I, like so many others, started booking tours solely that Anthony was guiding.   He has a tremendous following for he is, by far, the very best tour guide in the travel industry.  Bar none!” —D. Longenecker, GA

“What a ‘pro’ Anthony Bay is! On our trip to Scandinavia with him, his knowledge and command of European history was phenomenal. He made coach rides enjoyable, entertaining and easy listening as he verbally guided us through the story of Europe. He was fascinating, charming and knowledgeable. He turned an ordinary bus ride into a marvellous history class on wheels. And ‘class’ is truly the operative word for him. My husband and I will always be grateful and think of Anthony with fondest memories.” —P. Sturniolo, NY

“To see the hidden corners of Europe through the eyes of veteran escort/guide, Anthony Bay, is a rare treat indeed.  It’s more than facts and figures – he makes history come alive with entertaining anecdotes and illuminating insights.  Most importantly, he is extremely good company, and be prepared – his enthusiasm is contagious!” —M. Fitzgerald, Frontiers International, PA

“We could not have had a more wonderful time on our recent holiday to Provence. It was an absolute blast – nine days of sites, sounds and smells of Provence. It goes without saying that Anthony Bay had a lot to do with making it a fabulous experience. His knowledge of European history, culture and art, along with his sense of humor and fun, made all the difference. His energy was endless, leading the way and ensuring we had the most enjoyable experience. “ —J. Mullane, MA

“Anthony was the absolute “best” on our journey from the Baltic to the Black Sea. He was charming, knowledgeable and dedicated to making the trip terrific”. —T. Kilbane, OH

“Anthony Bay is one of the major reasons we booked this trip.” —H. Noyes, CT

“My daughter and I were to be “hosted” by an unknown-to-me big name in travel—Anthony Bay. To be candid, that dreaded word “travel guide struck fear to my heart -…Then came Anthony Bay—at first laid back, then in careful measures moving into not just “first name” acquaintance but gradually into our differing spheres of interest—sometimes a cathedral is not just a cathedral when suddenly your multi-faceted guide’s commentary is a factual but fun mix of history, architectural info, bits of past glories (and scandals)—made all the more sparkling by his mix of literary wit and wisdom. Most certainly the greatest, most fun, witty and wise, quick on the draw guide I have experienced in a half century of foreign travel is indeed Anthony Bay. For most of my life, I have loved travel, hated having guided tours. The exception I would make would be ANYWHERE if guided by Anthony Bay.” —D. Mikels, IN

“Anthony is an excellent guide, lots of fun, a great storyteller and a delightful person. He’s also fast on his feet.” —J. Mullane, MD

“Wonderful! Anthony’s knowledgeable, a great sense of humor, extremely organised, very caring of each traveller. The Best!!” —L. Muskoff, OH

“I have been a travel agent for over 25 years and over much of that period I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Anthony Bay . He has been instrumental in planning a number of my small group trips to Europe which have been well received by my clients. His knowledge and expertise in this area is phenomenal, doing extensive research, designing  numerous brochure tours as well as FIT trips (foreign independent travel). Anyone can plan a trip to Europe, but it is the out of the way places and insider knowledge of these destinations that make the trip unique and memorable for the client. That is what Anthony has done for my clients.” —P. Garcia, Northridge Travel,  CA

“We have just returned from an Around the World by Private Jet tour which exceeded our expectations, thanks to our Tour Manager Anthony Bay. His love of history, knowledge of religions and incomparable art in storytelling combined to make him an outstanding guide.” —V. Bauman, NC

“Anthony, don’t know where you get all your energy – but your enthusiasm and love of life certainly added to our trip of Spain!” —R. Indermaur, OH

“To merely say thank you is not sufficient… It is indeed difficult to fully express our gratitude for all of your efforts on our behalf. Your willingness to share your immense knowledge, philosophy and a multitude of personal experiences, all with good humor and concern for our interests, gave our group a unique esprit de corps. “ —J. Laines, NV

“You have been above and beyond outstanding on our Around the World by Private Jet trip.  Your unique ability to “paint the picture” with words , your energy, patience, sensitivity, enthusiasm, and above all humor, go to make you a true “Renaissance man”.  – P Milsted OH

“Thank you for stretching our imagination – for making history come alive.” —E. Owen, CA

“Words cannot convey my appreciation for your part in making this a memorable trip to Eastern Europe.  One does not expect to find a guide and mentor such as you on a trip. The breadth and depth of your knowledge on such a variety of subjects boggled my mind, exceeded only by the articulate manner with which you transmitted the information and your fine sense of humor.vWhat you have done is to make me think about a great many things in a new light and from a different perspective. Not easy but exciting and challenging!” —J. Heslop, NYC